May - Virtual BYOL

We’re still here!

Join us Thursday, May 14th at 11:30 a.m. for a virtual Bring Your Own Lunch and (maybe) Learn. This will be conducted via Zoom with a few rules of engagement.

1) You must agree to participate by video. We want to battle work-from-home blues by seeing the smiling faces of our RIMS colleagues.

2) Group size limited to 20 pre-registered attendees. If we have enough interest to expand, we will consider options. The registration site will not let you register a guest, so if your boss generally has you sign her up, tell her she’s on her own this month. Necessary for preventing Z-bombing.

3) You must be a current Utah Chapter RIMS member, or have attended a RIMS lunch in Salt Lake City within the past educational season (August 2019 through March 2020), or you will volunteer to present a very interesting 15-minute segment. We’d like to have a few of our members prepared to share 15-minute summaries of their own worlds since CV-19 lockdown. Email to raise your hand. 

Open to presentation volunteers at this time, four stories will fill an hour. If we’re having fun, we’ll keep it going. Have your ELMO card ready to flash (Enough! Let’s Move On!) for anyone running long.

Added Benefits: It’s free and you get to choose whatever whacky dietary accommodation you want. No one will know what’s in your mug. No mask necessary, pants optional. If you haven’t experienced the joy of a Zoom video meeting yet, this is great practice.

Registration link